Why Truss Day was a Great Day

Yesterday was a good day. Before sunrise yesterday, Pepper Tree didn’t have anything above the vast majority of the walls besides sky and palm tree views while every new roof truss was laying in the driveway. By mid afternoon, the trusses were loaded and for the very first time – Brian and I saw the shape of the house we’ve only been picturing in our heads until that moment. A giant crane cranked out our new roofline in half a day and while I was only there for a few minutes of it all, I was mesmerized by the process and very thankful for the hard working team who didn’t stop for hours on end.

But that was yesterday; the good day. You see, I had been anticipating the crane coming several times before yesterday. Four other times to be exact. And while it is all completely understandable and every time had a good reason why “that day” was canceled before the “actual day” came, Real Estate In Real Life exists to tell you the ups AND downs of the home renovation process. So here are the cliff notes:

It was before Thanksgiving that Brian and I were getting ready for our out of country trip, and we thought when we returned two weeks later that the framing would be done. It was before Christmas that we thought the trusses would be loaded. A few weeks here and a few weeks there quickly add up to months delaying move-in day!

Different reasons would arise as to why the crane couldn’t come that day or why we weren’t ready for the trusses. Sometimes they were waiting for a part to come in, sometimes they had to redo some of the framing that was a little off, and one time a crane actually did come in but it was too small and couldn’t reach the center of the house! Then it took a few days to reschedule a new crane. And so on and so forth.

Every time it was supposed to be “that day” and wasn’t, I would be so hopeful and then of course a little sad that we didn’t make the progress I thought we’d be making. Brian tells me to just never get my hopes up, but somehow I just don’t have that in me. The result, however, of the emotional rollercoaster ride of expectation, excitement, optimism and disappointment has led me to feel the high and feel the low. Which means that yesterday I was really, truly happy. It was a great day. I felt proud that Brian and I have gotten this far in a major project, despite how delayed in the process I sometimes feel.

For the first time we have seen the outline of the dream house we’ve been envisioning since purchasing in May 2018. What a gift! Pretty soon (well no, sometime in the future..), Pepper Tree will be done.

Until then, we’ll continue to just, love life.




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